Desta Beverage LLC

About Us

Desta Beverage LLC is a company located in Alexandria, Virginia gearing to become a premier, Alcohol Wholesale Importer & Distributor in the United States by having strategic partnerships.
Desta means Happiness!

Desta Beverage LLC (Desta): We are here to serve one purpose – to bring your beverage to market. Desta is focused on all facets of the beverage industry. Our core competencies are beverage development, supply chain development, co-packing, import/export, and distribution.

Here at Desta, we are a true one-stop-shop solution for companies of all sizes. Whether you are looking to develop and launch a new brand or are an established brand looking to grow we are here to support your needs. We provide solutions that work for new and existing brands to get their products on the shelf with exceptional quality and competitive price points.

Together, we offer a bright future for canned or bottled beverages.